Alex G. Lim


Alex G. Lim's journey in the music industry began in 2013 when he started traveling and playing the guitar for church services and events, as well as for the Chinese Christian TV group called O.R.T.V during their station tours. Between 2013 and 2015, he honed his skills and gained valuable experience in these settings.


 In 2015, Alex G. took a significant step forward by becoming a resident guitarist at various clubs and bars in Singapore. His talent and dedication led to him being offered the role of band leader at The Paragon 2 Club (Krama Lane) and The Paragon 3 at Furama Hotel in 2016.


 The following year, Alex G. expanded his repertoire by taking on guitar duties for concerts and events such as the Porsche Car event and Lumino City. He also ventured into the classical world, combining his rock guitar skills with symphony orchestras. Notable performances include "A Gift for Singapore" at Esplanade Concert Hall with the Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra in 2018, "NAC Silver Arts Festival 2019" with The Philharmonic Winds (Those were the days), "Souvenir for Singapore" at Esplanade Concert Hall with the Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra, and "Cassette of the Yesteryears" at Esplanade Concert Hall with the Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra.


 Alex G. has also been actively involved in overseas projects. He has recorded guitar parts in his home studio for various international acts, performed live on stage, contributed to studio albums, and crafted impressive guitar solos for Korean American singer-songwriter Jae Jin, known for his appearances on TV shows like The Voice and Netflix programs.


 Recognized for his talent and expertise, Alex G. has partnered with several renowned music companies. In January 2022, he became the first official artist from Singapore to join LsL Instruments, a guitar company based in the USA. Additionally, he proudly endorses and represents other prominent brands such as Curt Mangan Strings (USA), Free The Tone (Japan), FU Tone (USA), Awe In One Pick (Singapore), Sinasoid Cables (USA), G7th Capo (UK), T.S.W Pedal (USA), Creation Audio Lab Pedal (USA), and more.


 Overall, Alex G. Lim's musical journey has been characterized by his versatility, skillful performances, and dedication to his craft.

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