Jon O'Connor

Nirvana Tribute

Jon O'Connor has toured the world now for almost 15 years, taking the music of Kurt Cobain & Nirvana to a global audience in over 36 countries & still counting. As well as releasing his original band project 'Freaks Like Me' through Sony & Pavement Entertainment in 2015.With over 25 years total live experience, it's needless to say he has done his fair share of sound exploration, with different Amps & tones down through the years. Since trying the Bluguitar Amp1 on an international tour in 2019 Jon hasnt looked back!

Here is a small interview with Jon:

Q: Hi Jon, good to speak with you. It seems you're a man that's always on the move. You've just gotten back from yet another successful tour of Australia & Thailand? 

"Hi, thank you. Yeah, I've been constantly moving for what seems like months now [laughs]. We literally just got back to the UK when we played another festival show to thousands. Helps shake off the Jetlag. That's for sure. 


Q: You've been using a new amp these past few tours. What was your general impression of the Amp1?

"I was more than impressed with the tone & power unleashed by such a compact unit. In fact, I'd been searching for some time for a compact amp with that unmistakable tube warmth when I was shown the Amp1 by a guitarist in our support band. I jumped on that wagon straight away & snapped up one of my own. It's been the main part my main tour rig ever since. I couldn't even image a tour without it now."


Q: How does it fit into your rig?

"It's actually mounted right to my board along with all of my fx. The idea of mounting an amp seemed insane to me before, but the lightweight design of the Amp1 as well as its durability makes it an ideal choice for a board. It literally travels in a wheeled carry on case with me everywhere I go. It's so easy."


Q: You've been described as 'The closest to the real thing!' by Aaron Burckhard a former drummer for the real Nirvana. Having switched to the Amp1, do you find it's still easy for you to accomplish those same tones live?

"Of course! The Amp1 is extremely versatile & has a great fx loop. You can easily run a preamp & fine tune those rich tones that you're looking to achieve. This along with multiple amp settings opens up a world of tonal possibilities for each user."


Q: What's the one word you would use to describe the Amp1?

"Oh, that's not fair [laughs], there are too many positive words to say. One does pop to mind though, 'Consistent'. No matter where we play in the world, my setup is simple, my tone is the same. This is all down to the Amp1 delivering time after time. Consistency."


Jon's Nirvana Tribute Band:




"The closest you will ever come to hearing Cobain's voice in person!"


"The closest to the real thing!"


- Aaron Burckhard | Original Nirvana Drummer

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