Uli Brodersen

"I was looking for a portable amp that has enough headroom in the clean channel and at the same time the warmth of a vintage tube amp. I am super happy that thanks to Thomas and his team at Bluguitar I have now found a solution. It is even nicer that the Bluguitar-Amp 1 comes from my home in Saarland."

Uli Brodersen, a guitarist from Saarlouis/Germany fuses smooth and funky jazz guitar with beats from hip-hop and pop music. 

Brodersen started on the Archtop-Jazz Guitar and was already playing in jazz bands at the age of 14. In the mid-90s, his style was heavily influenced by the acid jazz movement. You can hear this influence clearly on his debut album "The Journey". Another strong influence shaping Uli's style are the albums of smooth jazz guitar legend Chuck Loeb. 

Apart from his own productions, Uli Brodersen's playing can be heard on the albums of smooth jazz pianist Amandus and many other artists.


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