Rory Ronde

New Cool Collective, Wouter Hame
"The AMP1 is my no. 1 travel amp and also my go-to studio toolbox whenever I have to record guitar. Whatever material I track with it, the vibe is always there!"

Rory Ronde grew up in Amsterdam in a musical family. His father, Henry Ronde, played various instruments and was one of the pioneering musicians in the Netherlands, introducing the country to steeldrum music, calypso and soca from the West Indies. Most of his siblings, like Berget Lewis, are in the music industry.
Rory, a self taught musician , has the guitar as his main musical tool but he frequently uses other instruments as well. Ronde is also a songwriter and music producer, working under the alias Kofi Anonymous.
Ronde is a member of several bands including New Cool Collective, Wouter Hamel, LaGarçon* and Les Cooles De Ville. He's also part of Dox Family, an group of artists that released material on the Dox Records label. Ronde has had the pleasure of performing this music abroad, visiting countries like Japan, South Korea, Lithuania and the United States. 

Rory is also a guitar instructor and gives private lessons at his home studio.

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