BluGuitar '61 Masterbuilt

BluGuitar '61 Masterbuilt – Thomas Blug's Custom Shop Signature Guitar

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With the '61 Masterbuilt , a guitar designed by Thomas Blug and realized with the finest... more
With the '61 Masterbuilt, a guitar designed by Thomas Blug and realized with the finest materials is finally available in the ultimate expansion stage for a limited number of connoisseurs. The first edition of the BluGuitar '61 Masterbuilt is initially limited to only 61 guitars. This exclusive guitar is handcrafted by the renowned luthier Trevor Wilkinson with a lot of attention to detail. The pickups come from pickup guru Andreas Kloppmann, a longtime friend of Thomas Blug's. Thomas has been playing a 1961 Fender® Stratocaster® for most of his life and as a professional he has used this guitar on stages and in studios all over the world. But its original qualities were not enough for the tireless "tinkerer", Thomas has always optimized his favorite guitar. bluguitar_product-bluguitar_61_masterbuilt-front
 bluguitar_product-bluguitar_61_masterbuilt-back The frets were filed in such a way that when the strings were pulled, the typical buzzing or banging in high register was compensated by filing a compound radius. This way the authentic vintage radius playing feel is preserved, and still large bendings are possible with a good string action. The unpleasant humming, especially with overdrive sounds, is greatly reduced by a dummy coil that can be switched off, so that hi-gain sounds without sizzling and glassy highs are just as good as the authentic, pearly ST-typical clean sounds. A special string tree and the vibrato adjustment with only 5 screws optimize the tuning stability. A special "no treble-loss" capacitor above the volume pot preserves the beautiful treble even when the volume pot is turned back on the guitar. This is Thomas' sound secret - if there is one thing that doesn't come out of his fingers. ;-)
The BluGuitar '61 Masterbuilt now offers the essential features of Thomas' old favorite guitar and of course the legendary modifications Thomas made to this classic to optimize the sound and handling of this instrument. To achieve such a quality that has grown over the years, Trevor Wilkinson, Andreas Kloppmann and Thomas Blug had to use all their experience to realize the very special qualities of such a dream guitar and to meet Thomas' high expectations.  bluguitar_product-bluguitar_61_masterbuilt-detailQfEXluMLxBmG6

This is how the BluGuitar '61 Masterbuilt arose
Trevor Wilkinson has developed a new hardware for this purpose, which uses cold rolled steel with shallow holes for the ball ends (cold rolled steel with shallow holes) in the vibrato block. The bridge plate of the BluGuitar '61 Masterbuilt is extremely hardened. Also the string tabs are as close as possible to the original parts. For neck and body of this guitar only selected woods are used which really reflect the character of the original '61s.
For the ultimate tone Andreas Kloppmann and Thomas Blug have developed a special pickup set for this guitar. For this purpose the tone of the BluGuitar '61 Masterbuilt was compared over and over again with that of Thomas's old favourite guitar until everything was perfect. Of course the BluGuitar '61 Masterbuilt also has all the other special features of Thomas's original '61 like the "BUKKA™" switch, a switchable dummy coil and the "treble capacitor" above the volume knob, which gets the treble when the volume knob is turned back.
The mission to make the tone of Thomas Blug's favorite guitar with the extraordinary qualities of this special instrument, which has been "matured" over decades, available to other guitarists has been very successful with the BluGuitar '61 Masterbuilt. Of course you can hear and feel the character of the three "cooks" who created this instrument: Trevor Wilkinson, Andreas Kloppmann and Thomas Blug!

Korpus: Red Alder Hals: Maple Neck Halsform: Vintage "C"... more
Korpus: Red Alder
Hals: Maple Neck
Halsform: Vintage "C"
Griffbrett: Rosewood
Griffbrett Radius: Radius 7.25" (184.1 mm)
Bünde: Dunlop 6105
Lackierung: Nitro
Nut: Bone
Bridge: Custom Made "Year One"
Sonstiges: True Vintage Specs