BluGuitar AMP1 - System complete

BluGuitar GmbH, Saarbrücken, December 9, 2015 (ictw) - According to BluGuitar, with the newly released NANOCAB and FATCAB speaker cabinets for the BluGuitar AMP1, a complete analog system for the optimal guitar sound is now available.

BluGuitar AMP1 is a professional guitar amplifier for stage and studio use. The NANOTUBE amplifier with 100 W power delivers an enormous sound pressure that serves every personal taste like a good boutique tube amp.
Four individually adjustable channels offer an impressive journey through the history of modern guitar amplification, from clean to vintage to classic and modern sounds. AMP1 also features switchable and adjustable settings for boost and reverb, which are easy to use with the three integrated footswitches, and excellent speaker simulation for headphone and recording outputs, providing everything you would expect from a modern boutique tube amp.
By the way - the legendary Uli Jon Roth and the extraordinary Jennifer Batten are just two examples from the growing band of happy AMP1 players.

The BluGuitar REMOTE1 foot controller gives you direct access to the full functionality of the AMP1. Each setting can be stored in one of the 36 presets which are organized in 4 banks of 9 presets each. With the built-in MIDI output, the guitarist can simultaneously switch MIDI-controlled external effect devices.

The optional LOOPERKIT expands the BluGuitar AMP1 by 4 independent loop-in paths, each with a bypass relay to integrate analog floor pedals. Each REMOTE1 preset can individually address the loop-in paths and thus link this loop configuration with the corresponding setting on the AMP1. This makes the "step dance" on the floorboard a thing of the past.

New: BluGuitar FATCAB 1 x 12" guitar cabinet
The BluGuitar FATCAB achieves what has been practically impossible up to now: to pack the sound and feeling of a classic 4 x 12" box, i.e. crisp bass, lightning-fast attacks in the mids and soft, silky highs into a 1 x 12". Perfectly suited for small and large stages, the FATCAB's specially designed speaker delivers dynamic and defined bass even at low volumes as well as dense and smooth lows at high levels. The specially developed loudspeaker itself, in combination with the extra thick braided covering fabric, provides a balanced guitar tone with shimmering trebles.

Also new: BluGuitar NANOCAB 1 x 12" guitar cabinet
The BluGuitar NANOCAB is the 1 x 12" box with the smallest possible dimensions and still produces a huge sound that sets a new standard for compact speakers. Inspired by the great performance of the FATCAB, Thomas has designed a new speaker that is even more compact and focused while still providing a full sound that perfectly matches the AMP1. The size of the cabinet, its depth and width as well as the size of the bass reflex port have been meticulously trimmed for maximum performance. The perfectly punchy rock sound only works with a closed cabinet, but the NANOCAB offers the additional option of opening the cabinet manually at the back to create a classic blues sound. The speaker is mounted on the baffle from behind to create a warm sound and is protected by an extra thick braided covering.The NANOCAB produces a great sound with unexpectedly deep bass, but is also the perfect speaker for the living room, because its tonal quality unfolds even at low volumes. The NANOCAB even fits into a suitcase and can be transported by train or even on a motorcycle.

Consistent signal chain: BluGuitar VINTAGE PREMIUM speaker cable
Thomas Blugs' never-ending search for the perfect sound finally led him to develop the perfect loudspeaker cable, which is able to perfectly combine the outstanding sound characteristics of AMP1 and NANOCAB or FATCAB.

The complete BluGuitar is now available worldwide:
BluGuitar AMP1: EUR 699,-
REMOTE1: EUR 349,-
MIDI1: EUR 49,-

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