The new BluGuitar Teststation is available immediately at selected dealers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and France.
BluGuitar GmbH/ Germany - September 16th, 2019 (ictw) - With the AMP1™ IRIDIUM EDITION BluGuitar introduce a pedalboard amp that is completely new researched, developed, designed and merciless voiced for modern Metal.
AMP1 MERCURY EDITION, the new, revised version of the well-established BluGuitar AMP1 pedal amp offers more flexibility, especially for modern players
Saarbrücken/Frankfurt - BluGuitar GmbH, April 5, 2017 (ictw) - BluGuitar® presents the new TWINCAB at the Musikmesse Frankfurt at booth E87 in hall 11.
BluGuitar GmbH Saarbrücken/Germany, February 27, 2017 - (ictw) - BluGuitar® announces that the BluBOX is now available at German retailers
The new BluGuitar image video is now online.
BluGuitar GmbH Saarbrücken/Germany, April 7th, 2016 – (ictw) - Professional Impulse Response Speaker Simulator provides 16 virtual cabinets for PA feeds and direct recording for any guitar amp
BluGuitar NanoCab & FatCab - Demo with Thomas Blug: NanoCab and FatCab compared to a Vintage 4x12" cabinet
BluGuitar GmbH, Saarbrücken, December 9, 2015 (ictw) - According to BluGuitar, with the newly released NANOCAB and FATCAB speaker cabinets for the BluGuitar AMP1, a complete analog system for the optimal guitar sound is now available.
BluGuitar GmbH/ Saarbruecken September 3, 2015 (ictw) - BluGuitar GmbH announces that the REMOTE1 foot pedal for the popular BluGuitar AMP1 guitar amplifier is now available in guitar stores.
BluGuitar GmbH, Saarbruecken/Frankfurt, April 9, 2015 (ictw) - BluGuitar presents the new BluGuitar guitar cabinets at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2015