Musikmesse 2015: BluGuitar presents new line of guitar cabinets

BluGuitar GmbH, Saarbruecken/Frankfurt, April 9, 2015 (ictw) - BluGuitar presents the new BluGuitar guitar cabinets at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2015

The BluGuitar NANOCAB and the BluGuitar FATCAB are the perfect complement to the BluGuitar AMP1 guitar amplifier - to be experienced live with Thomas Blug on the AGORA stage, twice a day - really loud in the BluGuitar Rockmobil AG 02, and quietly in the exhibition hall at booth 4.0 H16.

BluGuitar FATCAB 1 x 12" guitar cabinet
The FATCAB does what seemed impossible before: it sounds and feels like a classic 4x12" speaker. Fat basses with a fast response, a creamy midrange, plus soft and silky highs. Perfect for clubs and medium stages. The BluGuitar FATCAB is the result of Thomas Blugs long lasting attempts to bring the sound character of the classic 4x12" guitar box into the more compact 1x12" format and has proven itself on small to medium sized stages over years: Since FATCAB is equipped with only one speaker, it is moved much faster into its optimal working range, which makes the sound very lively. The Thiele Bass-Reflex-System as well as the tightly interlocked and extremely stiffened cabinet provide a defined dynamic bass response with low bass - as known only from a large 4x12" cabinet. And that even at low volumes. Even at high volumes the speaker remains balanced and never tends to booming. The cabinet volume of the speaker also provides an extra portion of low midrange. The speaker itself delivers a harmonious mid-range and soft highs, which are made even silkier by the filter effect of the front covering with the thick Basket Weave.

BluGuitar NANOCAB 1x 12" guitar cabinet
The BluGuitar NANOCAB is the smallest 1x12" box with the greatest possible tone - an absolutely unique reference as a compact cabinet. Inspired by the outstanding performance of the FATCAB, Thomas Blug set himself the task to develop an even more compact, yet good sounding cabinet to match the BluGuitar AMP1.
Only a 12" loudspeaker was considered for this purpose, since 10" speakers lack the low-mid foundation. On this basis we experimented with cabinet depth, various bass reflex constructions and tunings. The closed cabinet construction provides the optimal punch for rock sounds, but NANOCAB also offers a cabinet opening that can be opened or closed with just a few hand movements, depending on your taste. For more tonal warmth, the speaker was mounted on the baffle from behind and a Basket Weave front covering was chosen.
From clean to crunch to high gain, whether jazz, blues or rock - the combination of NANOCAB and AMP1 sounds simply perfect! The bass reflex tuning gives the NANOCAB a really big tone with undreamt-of low bass. NANOCAB is also the perfect loudspeaker for the living room as it sounds balanced and rich even at low volumes. NANOCAB fits into a suitcase and can even be transported by train or motorcycle.

Prices and availability
BluGuitar NANOCAB and BluGuitar FATCAB will be available in specialist shops from September at a price of Euro 449,- for the NANOCAB and Euro 559,- for the FATCAB. Translated with (free version)

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