REMOTE1, the foot pedal for the BluGuitar AMP1 now on sale

BluGuitar GmbH/ Saarbruecken September 3, 2015 (ictw) - BluGuitar GmbH announces that the REMOTE1 foot pedal for the popular BluGuitar AMP1 guitar amplifier is now available in guitar stores.

In combination with the optionally available REMOTE1 foot pedal all functions of the AMP1 can be selected directly via nine switches and nine presets can be stored in four banks. The MIDI-out port of the REMOTE1 can be used to switch the programs of external MIDI-compatible effect devices to match the presets.

REMOTE1 is the convenient footer with direct access to all functions of the AMP1. Besides the programmable switch functions, it even offers some function extensions: the switchable and adjustable Second Master, programmable GAIN for all 4 channels, and the adjustable PowerSoak.

The channels CLEAN, VINTAGE, CLASSIC and MODERN can be selected directly, BOOST, REVERB and FX-LOOP and a second master volume can be switched on. In addition, these sounds can be stored as presets with any master volume, gain and powersoak settings.

The connection between REMOTE1 and AMP1 via a standard mono jack cable (guitar cable or speaker cable) is very practical and comfortable.

In October the already announced Looper Kit for the REMOTE1 will be available: a loop extension with four True Bypass Relay loops for the individual integration of effect pedals. The four loops can be individually assigned to each REMOTE1 preset, allowing the connected effects to be combined with the amplifier settings. This finally makes "tap dancing" and sound loss on the pedal board a thing of the past.

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